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The three members decided to start a band after what was supposed to be a one-off jam session in a rehearsal studio.

They had known each others for years and played together in different bands, from heavy metal to flamenco fusion, but it was the first time they played as a power trio.

They think they’re a hard rock progressive band, but people keep tagging their music as seventies hard rock, stoner or psychedelic.

The band plays and writes music by instinct, there are no set rule. Each member immerse himself into the music without trying to fit into a specific musical style. Two tracks can have a complete different structure, yet making the three members equally passionate about the music.

They are from Toulouse, in the south of France, and they recorded and produced their first eponymous EP which was released in March 2017.
They now focus on booking shows to share their music on stage.


Dominique Capdevielle : bass
Olivier Carrara : drums, backing vocals
Matt Pain : vocals, guitar


  • Formed in 2014 at Toulouse, France
  • Lots of rehearsals and some shows
  • Release of their eponymous EP on March 1st 2017

Phone : +33 6 84 80 57 64



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“If all roads lead to Rome, all the riffs lead to Distortion Ride which make Distortion Ride a band to keep track of and to carefully monitor”,  French Metal
“Pure aural pleasure”, Rock Metal Mag
“Six well made hard rock stoner psychedelic tracks”, Neoprog
“Some pretty energetic rock”, La Dépêche