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Burning Waves Of Silence

November 13th 2020

Distortion Ride



Check out the video for “Going Down”

Oct 4 2020
Our first music video and the first snippet of our “Burning Waves Of Silence” album. Enjoy 🙂
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Our first full-length album out on November 13th 2020

Sep 30 2020
After months of intense effort, sweat & tears, our first full-length album is finally done and will be out on friday November 13th 2020. Similar to our EP, the songs are eclectic, from …
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A video excerpt of our background vocals recording session

Apr 15 2020
Back in february, before the Covid-19 induced quarantine, we recorded the background vocals for our next album. Here are the funniest takes in video. Maurin also gave us his best Phil Anselmo …
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